Thursday , June 13 2024

African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa goes virtual in May

The free online event will feature world-class speakers, insightful programme, matchmaking.

The organisers of African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa have announced that a free, virtual conference will take place in May.

“Although the event was recently postponed to November,” says event director Evan Schiff,

“we recognise that the need for information, expert opinion and connection with your peers and customers is required now. We have therefore created a Virtual African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa, that will bring our partners in the power, energy and water sectors timeous content to answer their most pressing concerns now.”

The live online event will take place from 11-15 May and the programme will include the following topics:

  • Exploring private sector participation in African power and water sector
  • Maintenance: key to keeping the lights on
  • Best practices for utilities’ financial health worldwide: How to better plan for the unexpected
  • Investment opportunities for South African SMMEs working in the green economy
  • Solutions for City and Municipal revenue management
  • Adopting new behaviour to influence emissions across Africa
  • The energy transition for Africa in a post COVID-19 world
  • Energy access matters
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Africa’s water sector
  • Key considerations in smart grid and metering communication

“While at this stage the COVID-19 epidemic’s lasting economic impact is still unknown,” says the director.

“African economies are expected to be hit the hardest and there can be no doubt that the effects on all aspects of the economy will be keenly felt. The public sector utilities delivering crucial electricity and water services as well as the companies servicing these sectors, ranging from multinationals to SMMEs, will not be spared either. 2020 is our event’s 20th anniversary and we remain committed to the African power and water sectors and we are excited to explore new digital formats to support connections across the continent.”

“The Virtual African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa is a completely free initiative,” Schiff explains.

“open and available to any interested parts of the sector. It is our way to offer both our long time partners and friends as well as new acquaintances the opportunity to learn, connect and engage. As always, the event will feature world-class speakers, an insightful programme and business matchmaking opportunities, albeit online.”

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