Tuesday , April 16 2024

Akobo Minerals starts up operation in Ethiopia

Akobo Minerals, the Scandinavian-based Ethiopian gold exploration and boutique mining company has started operations of its ultra-small plant and, with it, production of the company’s first gold.

“However you look at it, production of our first gold is an important landmark for the company and is a real boost for the employees following the incredible work they have already undertaken on our road to full production.

We had hoped for production by now from the main processing plant, but this stop-gap measure of using a two tons/hour ultra-small plant will allow us to use this proof-of-concept to iron out any issues now, whilst also securing some early gold production,” said Jørgen Evjen, Chief Executive Officer of Akobo Minerals.

Evjen said the final parts of the main plant are arriving in camp from Addis Ababa shortly, so first production is expected during the second quarter of 2023.

“In the meantime, we are using the time to complete all necessary building and operational elements of the plant and we will be well-placed for the main plant’s successful integration once on-site.”

He said the ultra-small plant has begun operation with already washed-out tailings from previous artisanal mining – and, surprisingly, actually extracted some gold.

“The next stage is to feed the plant with crushed and milled material from the locally sourced crushing machine which is also in operation. From this point, there will be a step change in the volume of recovered gold, even before the main processing plant is in situ.”

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