Sunday , April 14 2024

Authorities in Tanzania applaud Barrick’s work at North Mara

Tanzania’s Parliamentary Standing Committee for Energy and Minerals has commended Barrick Gold Corporation for the significant turnaround at the North Mara gold mine and its improved relations with the community.

Members of Parliament recently visited the mine along with the Deputy Minister of Minerals, Ministry officials, the Regional Commissioner, District Commissioner, ward councilors and village leaders.

The delegation was shown the mine’s water treatment plant, tailings storage facility, the Nyabigena and Gokona open pits and a number of Barrick’s community development projects such as Matongo’s agribusiness initiative and secondary school.

Committee Chairman, David Mathayo said the delegation was very impressed with all material aspects of the mine including the quality of operations, the mine’s economic contribution, support for local vendors, environmental management, community development and good community relations.

In particular, Mathayo praised Barrick’s investment in a water treatment plant that provides potable water to approximately 30,000 people surrounding the mine, as well as the quality of the mine’s tailings storage facility which he said should be the benchmark for other miners operating in Tanzania.

Additionally, Mathayo directed the Regional Commissioner to protect the mine and stop illegal intrusions immediately.  Councilors and village elders were encouraged to initiate a dialogue with the community’s youth to help deter criminal acts.

North Mara is owned by Twiga Minerals, a joint venture between Barrick and the Tanzanian government.

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