Sunday , April 14 2024

Business Mogul explains mining investment decision

Business mogul Haren Kumar Mandavia revealed that Kajiado County is an ideal investment area for his company and forms part of his expansion strategy.

Shreeji Minerals a subsidiary of Shreeji Merchandising Group announced multi-billion investments into the mining sector.

“This kind of investment is aimed at creating jobs to the locals which in return will boost the county’s economic status and with the new technologies, we are able to now process Lime into hundreds of combinations. This puts us in a very strong position to support the local manufacturing industry with affordable raw materials,” said Mandavia.

He added that limestone is vital in both chemical and agricultural sector.

Mandavia also revealed that “Limestone deposits contain mostly calcium carbonate compound. As such, this compound can be quarried to be used by the farming sector. As a company, we plan to produce agricultural lime or “Aglime” which is used in farming activities to neutralise soil acidity as well as free up soil minerals like phosphates and this boost the agricultural potential of any land meant for agriculture.”

According to a geological survey, Kajiado County has a lot of limestone deposits that have not been fully exploited by investors.

“After numerous research and regulation approvals from both national and county government, we want to set up a state of the art limestone industry that will scale up the industrial usage of limestone which ranges from pharmaceuticals and steel industry. We shall also have a section within our company that targets the construction industry.”

The business magnet also plans to partner with the local non-governmental organizations to address climate change by planting one million trees in the next five years.

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