Tuesday , April 16 2024

Ethiopia find partners for its off-grid electrification agenda

GET.transform collaborated with governments, companies, and industry experts to identify real-world examples of renewable energy solutions that are creating value for communities, boosting employment, and achieving national goals for this Case Study Series.

The Ministry of Water, Irrigation, and Energy, its Directorate of Electrification, Regional Energy Bureaus, and the Ethiopian Electric Utility has collaborated with development partners such as the World Bank’s ESMAP, the AfDB, and GIZ to support Ethiopia’s off-grid electrification agenda.

The identified case studies focus on the one hand on renewable energy industry solutions built on

revenue-driven business models, as well as on best practice regulatory frameworks that have solved

common challenges in the development of rural electrification and off-grid market. With a focus on Africa, the case studies aim to present policymakers and stakeholders with encouraging evidence from the renewable energy world.

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