Thursday , June 13 2024

Marula Mining Scores Big with Kenyan Manganese Licence

In a move that could position them as a major player in the East African manganese market, battery metals miner Marula Mining has secured a crucial permit for their Kenyan operations. Their Kenyan representative company was awarded a mineral dealer’s trading licence, granting them the right to buy, sell and export manganese ores.

“This is a significant milestone for us in Kenya,” declared Marula CEO Jason Brewer. “It allows us to move forward with our strategy in the manganese sector, not just at the Larisoro mine but also at other prospective projects across the country.”

The one-year licence, renewable annually, is seen as a key step in Marula’s investment in the Larisoro Manganese Mine situated in Samburu County. The licence allows them to not only sell the increased production volumes they plan to extract and process from Larisoro, but also purchase manganese ore from other Kenyan mining companies.

“This opens doors for us to cultivate and strengthen partnerships with the local mining sector and communities,” Brewer added.

Marula already holds a 60% commercial interest in the Larisoro mine, which has been operational since 2012. The mine boasts a consistent production record, with an average manganese content of 33.4% in its ore over the past six years. This ore is then processed to create a product exceeding 37% manganese content, typically targeted for Asian markets.

This licence acquisition adds to Marula’s growing portfolio across Africa. They hold interests in various mining projects in South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia, including lithium, tantalum, copper, and graphite mines.

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