Friday , July 12 2024

Miners needs protection from covid: NIMR

THE National Institute for Medical Research has stressed the need for health experts to continue visiting the mining areas to educate the group on the importance of Covid-19 vaccines to protect miners against the pandemic which may affect their activities.

NIMR has urged mine workers in the country to get vaccinated against Covid-19 because their work requires healthy people.

NIMR Director-General, Professor Yunus Mgaya made the call when addressing workers at Sipemba Gold Mining in Itumbi Ward, Chunya District.

Prof Mgaya said that more education about Covid-19 needs to be provided in mining areas due to the interactions of various people from different areas.

Prof Mgaya urged health workers at the community level to give priority to the mining areas in creating awareness about Covid 19 vaccines to shun people who provide misleading information to the public.

“By considering the working environment of miners it is easier to infect one another because most of them go inside the mine pits where there is not enough ventilation,” he said.

He added that it is important to educate the group about precautionary measures including wearing face masks, washing hands with soap and water, avoiding unnecessary crowding as well as taking Covid – 19 jabs.

Prof Mgaya further said that NIMR as a medical institution will continue to provide services through mobile clinics calling upon the miners to use the opportunity to protect their health.

Chunya District Medical Officer (DMO), Mr Daison Andrew pledged to give priority in mine areas in his district especially those with poor understanding on how to protect themselves against various diseases due to high interaction of people.

Some miners admitted to having received misleading information about Covid 19 vaccines calling upon experts to continue providing education for people to get the right information.

Sipemba Gold Mining Director, Hamis Sipemba said that mine owners were enthusiastic to see their workers getting the right information about various diseases so that they can protect themselves.

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