Friday , July 12 2024

New members appointed to Mining Indaba advisory board

Mining Indaba has introduced its latest advisory board members, joining the key industry players in driving transformation within the mining sector.

Dr. Marit Kitaw and Kwasi Ampofo are now part of the Mining Indaba 2025 advisory board and committee members.

According to Mining Indaba, the committee members, with their diverse expertise and innovative approaches, are devoted industry innovators leading the transformation and positioning of Africa’s mining landscape.

Collectively, they contribute a wealth of experience and knowledge to drive advancement and success in the mining industry.

In addition, the Mining Indaba 2025 Committee is well-positioned to continue to push boundaries and shape the future of mining towards a more sustainable and prosperous industry on the continent.

“The mining of today will never be like the mining of yester-year. The time for a dynamic, diversified, transformative, sustainable, safe, and technologically advanced mining industry is now,” said Frans Baleni, Chairman of the MI25 Advisory Board

Baleni’s sentiments were shared by Sinead Kaufman, Chief Executive, Minerals, Rio Tinto: “As the world transitions to a low carbon future, the African mining sector has a critical role to play in supplying minerals critical to global decarbonisation.

“It will need to do this in a sustainable manner, ensuring that ESG standards are maintained and that partnerships with local communities create shared value. For me, this work starts now. It is part of how we future-proof African mining today!”

Jito Kayumba, Special Assistant to the President of Zambia said inclusivity, transparency, and equity are crucial for a sustainable future in Africa’s mining sector.

“This includes environmental sustainability, technological enhancements, and increased exploration for new tenements,” said Kayumba.

Meanwhile Joseph Starwood, Worldwide Mining Industry Leader, Microsoft Corporation said Future-proofing mining, including Africa, requires digitally savvy, sustainability-focused leaders, a workforce with skills to address the ‘Forever Labor Shortage’, and resource portfolios to address the exhaustion of existing deposits and the increasing difficulty of discovering new ones.

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