Sunday , April 14 2024

Trafo Powers Up DRC Mine Expansion in Race Against Time

In a story that highlights South African engineering prowess under pressure, Trafo Power Solutions has emerged as the unlikely hero for a copper-zinc mine expansion in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Trafo, a specialist in dry-type transformer applications, has been contracted to supply three mini-substations and two transformers – crucial components for powering the mine’s increased operations. “The pressure was on from the get-go,” says David Claassen, Trafo’s Managing Director. “Ensuring this critical equipment arrived on time was vital for the mine’s expansion to stay on track.”

The challenge was compounded by the timing. The contract was awarded towards the end of the year, coinciding with the South African manufacturing industry’s traditional December shutdown. Yet, Trafo defied the odds. “We committed to delivering the units to the mine site within just four months,” explains Claassen. “This meant pulling out all the stops, even with most of our industry colleagues enjoying their year-end break.”

But Trafo’s expertise extends beyond meeting deadlines. The company’s strength lies in its ability to tailor solutions for specific needs. In this case, the mine required mini-substations with an IP54 rating, signifying complete protection against dust and water ingress – a common threat in the DRC’s environment.

“While this level of insulation typically demands forced air cooling systems,” says Claassen, “the client specifically requested natural air cooling. This meant designing the units to ensure adequate airflow without relying on external fans and their accompanying control systems.”

Trafo’s solution streamlines the installation process and reduces the risk of future maintenance headaches. “The emphasis here is on simplicity and reliability,” Claassen concludes. “By eliminating unnecessary ancillary equipment, we’re ensuring the mine can focus on what matters most – ramping up production.”

Trafo’s accomplishment serves as a testament to South African engineering’s ability to innovate and deliver under pressure. It’s a story not just about powering a mine expansion, but about powering progress on the African continent.

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