Thursday , June 13 2024

Walkabout Resources Scores Graphite Goal in Tanzania

Australian-listed Walkabout Resources has cemented its place as a serious player in the graphite game, announcing the shipment of its first batch of on-specification graphite concentrate from its Lindi Jumbo mine in Tanzania. This milestone marks a significant victory during the project’s commissioning phase and signifies Walkabout’s transition from developer to producer.

“To achieve our first concentrate shipment from site, at a time when customers are looking to shore up their graphite supply chains, is a rewarding and outstanding outcome,” declared Andrew Cunningham, Walkabout’s Managing Director and CEO. Cunningham’s enthusiasm reflects the dedication of the entire Walkabout team and the project’s potential to disrupt the graphite market.

Walkabout’s entry into the graphite arena couldn’t be more timely. A widening gap between Chinese domestic and international prices, coupled with recent US tariffs on Chinese graphite and China’s own export restrictions, has created a climate of supply chain insecurity. This vulnerability presents a golden opportunity for Walkabout, and the company is poised to capitalize.

The first shipment of bagged graphite concentrate is destined for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where it will be sold to Wogen under a pre-existing offtake agreement. This initial sale represents a portion of a larger order from a European end-user, highlighting the global demand for Walkabout’s high-quality product.

“We now have the opportunity to engage with more end-users as we continue to demonstrate we have a viable product and that we are serious contenders in developing a non-Chinese graphite supply chain,” said Cunningham. Walkabout’s success not only benefits the company but also offers a glimmer of hope for a more stable and secure global graphite market.

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