Monday , April 15 2024

Walkabout upbeat about Lindi Jumbo project

Walkabout the developers Lindi Jumbo in Tanzania says have optimised the three-year mine plan to generate enough waste for TSF wall lifts, while creating sufficient grade ore stockpiles for blending and commissioning.

“Improvements to the approach has led to a substantial reduction in operational waste rock mining and total tonnes mined, potentially resulting in cost savings despite current factors of inflation, increased fuel prices and ancillary mining costs,” said Andrew Cunningham,

Walkabout Resources Chief Executive Officer.

He said the installation of previously delivered mechanical equipment is progressing well, with the completion of vital components such as floatation cells, the apron feeder, crushing circuit, and spiral classifiers.

“In addition, the arrival of remaining mechanical equipment in Tanzania has proven a significant milestone, reducing construction risks. This achievement has been made possible through interim funding measures,” said Cunningham.

Furthermore, comprehensive due diligence activities have been conducted for the proposed Senior Debt Facility, covering technical, financial, legal, environmental and marketing aspects. A site visit by Gemcorp — provider of the Senior Debt Facility — was completed, with results set to inform the final approval decision.

“We are excited about the progress made to date and anticipate further advancements in the coming months,” said Cunningham.

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