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Well-trained workforce boosts profits – WearCheck

Up-skilling workforce through useful training courses is one of the long-recognised ways to ensure productivity remains elevated.

WearCheck says the reliability solutions arena is a prime example of how well-trained workers can have a positive impact on an industrial operation by maximising the investment in a good condition monitoring programme.

As mechanised operations become increasingly complex, and the smooth running of components is increasingly critical to the general production and output in industry, so the need for ongoing employee education becomes more important.

Condition monitoring specialists WearCheck have run popular skills training courses for their customers for over 20 years.

The company says training material assists staff in various positions within the maintenance teams to ensure that the monitoring and upkeep of components is conducted as efficiently as possible.

WearCheck employs reliability solutions services such as used oil analysis, thermal imaging, vibration monitoring, balancing, laser alignment and others, to monitor and maintain machinery at its optimum yield.

Customers with well-trained maintenance staff can supply better samples and data to WearCheck, boosting the integrity of the test results and thus gaining optimum benefit from their condition monitoring programme.

WearCheck’s training courses cover accurate oil analysis report interpretation, correct sample taking, pre-planned maintenance schedules and good lubricant management.

Training courses are conducted around South Africa as well as in other regions where there are WearCheck customers.

The courses are tailored and targeted at a range of levels within an operation, from factory floor to senior management.

Over the 40 years in business, WearCheck has compiled a database of sample diagnoses and wear trends, adding 600 000 new sample results annually to the data. Much of the training course material draws on this database, with the added benefit that WearCheck processes samples from a range of OEMs.

WearCheck also offers two more on-site courses – WearCheck Practical and WearCheck Customised.

The company says all courses can be presented at the customer’s premises for a minimum of seven delegates.

Oil analysis training courses have targeted areas such as Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Kimberley, Makopane, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg, Steelpoort, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania (Mwanza), Zambia (Kitwe) – in fact, anywhere in the world.

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