Monday , September 25 2023


Oil pipeline from Mozambique on the cards

President Hakainde Hichilema has announced the country’s intentions to build a pipeline to transport oil products from the port of Beira, Mozambique. Supporting the vision, Mozambican transport minister Mateus Magala said a boom in mineral resources in Zambia means that Mozambique should plan to increase the volume of cargo that …

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Merging small-scale mining firm to help firm gain financial and technical capacity to increase productivity-RMB

To boost production and accelerate recovery from the Covid-19 impacts, small-scale mining companies have begun the process of merging their operations into collective investment groups. The Covid-9 epidemic wreaked havoc on the mining industry. According to Narcisse Dushimimana, the Head of Mining Regulation and Inspection Department at Rwanda Mines, Petroleum …

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Failings in licensing process need to be addressed to build a more transparent sector at par with better-performing countries-Official

Despite improvements in Uganda’s natural resource administration, the country’s nascent oil and gas sector, as well as mining, are still classed as weak, with expanding gaps between rules and practice, which might stymie the country’s effort for openness, according to a new index. Uganda got 49 points in the petroleum …

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The African Oil & Gas Sector Needs An Energy Boost

The past 18 months have torn through industry and sector globally, leaving behind complex layers of economic instability and financial growth uncertainty. For the oil and gas sector, these months have hit the bottom line like a hammer – as the African Energy Chamber (AEC) Africa Energy Outlook 2021 report …

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EITI will help the country combat flow of illicit funds-Govt officials

Some officials believe that Uganda’s signing up to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) will help the country combat the flow of illicit funds. Uganda became a member of EITI on August 12, thereby committing to making public some of the payments from its extractive industry. While addressing a multi-stakeholder …

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