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Glencore champions sustainable mining at DRC Mining Week

Glencore cemented its commitment to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) at the recent DRC Mining Week, a pivotal conference shaping the future of the country’s mining sector. The company participated in discussions around “Prioritising sustainable mining operations and local transformation in the DRC,” a theme reflecting growing industry concerns about responsible practices.

Glencore, a veteran in the DRC with a presence dating back to 2007, operates two significant copper and cobalt mines in the Lualaba province. Marie-Chantal Kaninda, President of Glencore DRC, emphasized collaboration as key to progress. “By consolidating efforts and resources,” she said, “the mining sector and stakeholders can make significant strides in the economic, social and governance (ESG) spheres.”

Kaninda pointed to Glencore’s unique position as both a major trading company and an industrial miner. “Our business model seeks to align with local legislation, international best practices, and global ESG standards,” she explained. “This ensures responsible and sustainable sourcing of minerals critical to the global energy transition.”

Her comments resonated with the conference’s focus on ensuring the DRC’s mineral wealth benefits the country. “The DRC has a wealth of minerals, particularly those crucial for global decarbonisation,” Kaninda remarked. “This is an exciting time for the mining industry and the DRC’s transformation, where all stakeholders can contribute to a greener future.”

Glencore’s commitment was further underlined by the attendance of senior representatives, including Group Head of Corporate Affairs Anne Edwards, CEO of Glencore Copper Africa Mark Davis, and responsible sourcing lead for cobalt Anne Marie Fleury.

Kaninda and Davis also participated in a CEO roundtable, while Glencore supported a Women in Mining forum organized by USAID and a UK-DRC business networking event hosted by the British Embassy, showcasing a commitment that extends beyond the conference halls.

Glencore’s dedication to the DRC’s mining future was acknowledged during the closing ceremony, where the company received a certificate of recognition for its “continued support and exceptional contribution.” This recognition underscores Glencore’s position as a key player in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future for the DRC’s mining industry.

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