Friday , July 12 2024

Lualaba’s Land Transformed: Mining Giant and Bank Sow Seeds of Prosperity

A glimmer of hope has sprouted in the Lualaba province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mutanda Mining, a Glencore group company partnered with the DRC government and Equity-BCDC have joined forces to launch ProAc, an ambitious project aimed at empowering communities and fostering a thriving agri-food sector.

This initiative unveiled at a workshop held at the Kisenda school recently, seeks to be a catalyst for positive change. ProAc’s mission is nothing short of a rural renaissance, targeting economic diversification, financial inclusion, and a future brimming with food security, wealth creation, and improved livelihoods.

The strategy hinges on a two-pronged approach: building capacity through technical assistance and unlocking the doors to financial resources. Hugues Munung, Head of Environment and Community Projects at Mutanda Mining, captured the project’s essence perfectly: “Mutanda Mining is proud to embark on this journey alongside surrounding communities. ProAc promises not only to uplift the socio-economic well-being of our people but also to propel Lualaba province towards a flourishing agricultural and aquaculture sector.”

Equity-BCDC echoes this sentiment. Dominique Lumumba, Head of the Value Chain and Agricultural Market Development Unit, alongside Eric Salumu, Head of Lualaba branches, pledged the bank’s unwavering support. “Through our Social Investment Department,” Lumumba declared, “EquityBCDC will equip beneficiaries with the knowledge and tools to navigate agricultural financing and access credit. This financial support will extend beyond the immediate project participants, reaching out to SMEs and other key players within the agricultural value chain.”

The launch ceremony itself served as a testament to the collaborative spirit driving ProAc forward. Notable figures from the provincial government, including representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock, joined hands with community representatives and local dignitaries to witness the project’s inauguration. This collective effort underscores the commitment to a shared vision – a vision of a revitalized Lualaba province, where agriculture thrives and communities prosper.

ProAc is a story not just about agriculture; it’s a story about empowerment, opportunity, and a future brimming with possibilities. It’s a story worth following, a seed of hope taking root in the heart of the DRC.

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