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Maxam showcase latest blasting tech at Indaba

Global technology outfit Maxam specialising in the design, development, manufacture and application of energetic materials showcased its latest blasting technologies on offer at the recent Mining Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa.

With a diverse workforce of more than 800 employees and projects in over 20 countries, MAXAM is the global player with the largest footprint in the continent among the leading blasting solutions providers.

The position is cemented in its comprehensive range of technologies and local capabilities to support customers.

The company is also the leading supplier of packaged explosives and offers both watergel and emulsion bulk products, boosting a versatile portfolio to adapt to specific needs from its different customers.

“Africa is one of the most important mining areas in the world and our commitment to the continent is clear.

“We have been investing here for more than 40 years and the results couldn’t be better: we are a leading player within our segment of activity and have a growing customer base that more and more values our differential, high-value combination of technologies and technical support”, said Brett Wheatcroft, Regional Director of MAXAM in Southern Africa.

MAXAM took advantage of Mining Indaba to showcase its complete range of solutions for underground operations, leveraging its over 40 years of experience in such projects in Africa.

In addition, the company is a trusted partner in world-class underground mines in countries such as Ghana or Mali, among others. Its strength in this segment is based on its competency and safety record, vast underground product range, strong technical support and cutting-edge technology.

Customers at the mining jamboree  also had the chance to know more about one of MAXAM’s unique technologies, RIOFLEX, a highly energetic, robust and flexible density bulk product that achieves excellent performance in all types of rock.

The bulk watergel contributes to minimize the total cost of ownership due to the savings in the drilling and blasting application and the whole value chain of the mine as a result of a better fragmentation.

RIOFLEX has been tested in more than 140 sites in 25 countries, becoming a benchmark for customers looking to improve the productivity of their mines, quarries and infrastructure projects.


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