Tuesday , August 9 2022

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Akobo Minerals, MIDROC signs second core-drilling rig deal

Norway-based gold exploration company, Akobo Minerals will soon be working with a total of three core drilling rigs in the field, including one company owned drill rig. The company is currently doing exploration and small-scale mine development in the Gambela region and Dima Woreda, southwest Ethiopia. The additional drill rig …

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Edenville seeks to recapitalise the company then ensure operations and customers were in place before committing its resources to production-CEO

Edenville has been focused on preparing the site to satisfy the projected demand for Rukwa coal since the Company’s £2.475 million capital raising closed at the end of May 2021. This activity largely focused on pre-strip overburden, with 13,000 tonnes of material removed in September 2021. This has also allowed …

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Merging small-scale mining firm to help firm gain financial and technical capacity to increase productivity-RMB

To boost production and accelerate recovery from the Covid-19 impacts, small-scale mining companies have begun the process of merging their operations into collective investment groups. The Covid-9 epidemic wreaked havoc on the mining industry. According to Narcisse Dushimimana, the Head of Mining Regulation and Inspection Department at Rwanda Mines, Petroleum …

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