Thursday , June 13 2024

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I-MAK gearbox solutions tailored to meet pump applications

I-MAK, one of the premium global brands in the stable of bearings and power transmissions specialist, Bearings International (BI), has led the global market with a wide portfolio of gearbox and drive solutions for over 50 years. With more than 1 000 000 references and hundreds of different product lines, I-MAK’s …

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Too much of a good thing

More is not always the right approach when it comes to using oil additives.  In many instances, blending more additive into the oil, does not result in improved performance. Sometimes, adding more additive actually causes the oil’s function to deteriorate.  In other cases, while the performance of the additive doesn’t …

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The evolution of oil filtration systems

Early automotive engines didn’t use any kind of filtration for the oil. It wasn’t until a patent was granted to Ernest Sweetland and George Greenhalgh in 1923 – for their product the “pure oil later” or “Purolator” – that you could buy an automobile with a full-pressure lubrication system. It …

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