Thursday , June 13 2024

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Aftermarket oil additives can backfire

Increasing the percentage of a certain additive may improve one property of an oil, while at the same time degrading another. When the specified concentrations of additives become unbalanced, overall oil quality can be affected. Some additives compete with each other for the same space on a metal surface. For …

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Insights into oil additives

By simply including an additive, an inferior base oil cannot be converted into a premium product. It is illogical to use poor-quality oil on a continuing basis, and attempt to overcome its poor lubricating qualities with some special additive. A far better approach is to determine the manufacturer’s recommendation as …

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Tanzania Launches US$9.6million Ifakara Substation to support Epanko Graphite Power Supply

EcoGraf Limited which owns assets in Tanzania is pleased with the recent infrastructure development at Ifakara district whereby a 20MVA substation was launched. The Substation is approximately 70 kilometers from Mahenge town which marks a kickoff for power supply to the Epanko project.   The US$9.6million Ifakara Substation launching was …

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