Thursday , September 21 2023

Tanzanian authorities issue 3 Prospecting Licences Deccan Gold Tanzania

Mining authorities in Tanzania have issued three Prospecting Licences (PLs) in favour of Deccan Gold (Tanzania), a subsidiary of the group (DG Tanzania), this is according to Deccan Gold Mines.

On 08 February 2021, DG Tanzania was officially told in this regard by the Commissioner for Minerals and Mines, Ministry of Minerals and Mining Commission, Tanzania.

In the next few days, the remaining two PL applications which have already been recommended are scheduled to be granted.

According to reports, DG Tanzania submitted 5 PL applications as per Section 123 of the Tanzanian Mining Act 2010 on October 9, 2020, out of 8 PL areas identified. The PL applications were filed at the Mines Office, Commissioner of Minerals and Mines, Dodoma, which is coming under the purview of Ministry of Minerals and Mining.

All of the areas covered under the above 5 PLs are located within the world-class Neo Archean Lake Victoria Gold Fields and associated Greenstone belts which are known historically for gold mining activities.

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